Here's to:


Golf--and beer and scotch and a good cigar--to old friends--and new ones--to jacket ceremony's-and auctions-and really good scotch--to quenching thirsts, when champagne was the last resort--to ALOT of scotch-........... 
To a WICKED hangover--and playing shitty golf--to watching nice shots-- and fucking putts that wont go in the fucking hole--to Kilts and knickers-to the gator chop-to playing w 4 clubs--to playing from the ladies tees with my pants up--to contact highs while driving in the golf cart(sorry t.w.)--to 9 1/2 finger golfers--and shots from the lake, fescue and waste areas--from behind, under and in between tall trees-- to spillane's meats(plural)and much more scotch............ 
To Sunny skies and a gentle breeze-to practicing before playing-to butterflies(in your stomach, before your 1st t shot guys--- not the other kind)--to 200 yard carries--and true putting greens--to the beer cart---To "MEDICINAL! MEDICINAL!--I bumped my head"-- 
to chippin in for eagle on 18--and to the champs--fox and robes--to raising trophies--to maroon jackets--to 2 patches(nice)--to a nice QUIET dinner--hahaha--to drivers that are designated--to ping pong,,foosball-beer pong and tip cup--to pants in spokes and birthday parties--to butterflies(the other kind)-to switching shirts-to kegs--to baffling with my baffler--to twister--to that racist ed mirko--to strange, to drinking scotch until 3 am............ 
To a miserable, dreary long hungover ride home-to waiting 51 more weeks-to puking in my toilet(smelled like scotch)--to sleeping in your own bed--..... 
To matt for evenflow--to my partner the last 2 years-tw-shadoobie...and the 6 guys we played with this year-to detox--and waking up in cold sweats-- 
But most of all---I would like to thank HUFFER--the SOULESS GINGER--for introducing me to the Mancation clan--and for introducing me to scotch---because before Thanksgiving...I never touched my lips to a glass of scotch--YOU FUCKED ME--YOU A$$HOLE-- 
Until next year fellas----------did someone say KIAWAH??  
-Steve Koz '11  a.k.a. Dad / Sweater Vest / 3 time MVP / Jacket Wearer / Capt'n Sticky / Poet

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